MSP was awarded a massive replacement project to upgrade one of the region's largest banks with over 1,000 PCs. Our network technicians met the bank's tight time frame, completing 85 bank branches and corporate back office system replacements in a five month time frame to allow for a successful acquisition. The bank used the latest technology "All-in-One" units that are fast becoming the standard as companies consider PC replacements. Beyond sizeable energy savings, the new units take up very little desk space. The new systems are sleek and stylish and well received by the end users.
MSP was able to use Virtualization, implementing a Virtual PC load as part of the base software installation, allowing each PC to have a dual OS load that allowed users to access two seperate networks. This was an important benefit as we were able to replace the old PCs over a five month period while still allowing access to both corporate networks. The project went fabulously well and our staff was very proud to be a valued member of the IT team that played a prominent role in the success of this major project.
A mid size Southeastern PA/ New Jersey community bank had an aged PC base that required upgrading.  As the bank considered its options of replacing the dated equipment, MSP assisted in providing evaluation equipment from Hewlett packard using HP's demo program.  Management decided to use the PC replacements as an ideal time to migrate to Windows 7 with the OS prelaoded on the new equipment.  Bank teller and back office images were created for ease of mass rollouts.  Over a two month period MSP and the bank's internal IT staff were able to upgrade all 11 branches and the banks's corporate headquarters. 
Upgrading the company workstations allowed the bank to take on phase II of the project- bringing inhouse previously hosted external applications, including their ERP system.  MSP lead this project using VMWare, and HP server and SAN products.  The project went went exceedingly well and was completed in spring 2011.
A second mid size Southeastern PA/ New Jersey community bank had a similiar project to above scenario.  An aged PC base with Microsoft's XP Operating System, a need for automated large scale PC deployments beyond individual PC rollouts.  This to provide the benefit of a quick and timely rollout with a standard software image load on all bank teller and back office.  After careful evaluation of  computing products and Windows 7, the bank decided on using a mixed platform of HP PCs, notebooks , and all-in-one units and Microsoft Windows 7.  Through a beautiful scripted PC image load process, MSP assisted the bank with rollout to their bank branches and corporate headquarters.

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